The Plot: a comic book


The Plot is a science fiction/suspense comic book. The synopsis is:

Corman is in a bare room, with no clear idea of how he got there. He's facing down a group of hostile men in black suits and sunglasses. They behave like police, but have shown no badges, or offered any names to Corman.

They have an intense interest in Corman's creative habits. Why did he choose that particular bench to sit and draw? What led to the fatal altercation between Corman and the stranger that sat next to him on the bench? The men in black suits and sunglasses are very interested in the character he created for his comic book.

What the readers are saying:

  • A digital comic book

  • Size
    43.7 MB
  • Length
    127 pages
  • A digital comic book
  • Size43.7 MB
  • Length127 pages
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The Plot: a comic book

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